Antenna Avanti AVO-350

Rp 11.000.000(Baru)

AVO-350C Fiberglass Omni Antenna

AVO-350C Fiberglass Omni Antenna is high frequency  antenna developed by our company. It can be used in 330-390MHz communications system. Using the high intensity fiberglass omni seal, it features high gain, wide bandwidth, fine hurricane lamp, dampprof and good reliability.


All antenna are strictly tested by HP network analyzedbefore delivery.




Model                                      : AVO-350C

Freq range –MHz                    : 330-390

Bandwidth –MHz                    : 14

Gain –dBi                                : 10.2

Vertical Beamwith                  : 10

VSWR                                      : ≤1.5

Input Impedance -Ω                : 50

Polarizations                           : Vertical

Max. Power –w                       : 100

Connectior Type                      : UHF or N Female

Antenna Legth –m                  : 4.7

Weight –kg                              : 3.5

Rated wind Velocity -m/s       : 60

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